Behavioural Analytics

Data science to optimize your opportunity for growth

Our customer analytics solutions strengthen engagement to drive expansion

Hidcot’s signature data science capabilities capture and refine customer data so that you can focus your strategies to align with the most impactful behavioural trends.


Track behaviour


Gain clarity


Foster advantage


Reinforce growth

Identifying the opportunities that lead to outcomes

Our off-the-shelf data science solutions are easy to configure, simple to use, and unmatched in their value return.

Wealth Scoring

Our systems unite disparate metrics like house prices, employment & unemployment rates, and family unit types to determine customer targets’ likely household income levels–strengthening the efficiency and precision of your outreach campaigns.

Time-to-Call Targeting

Harnessing socio-economic data with real-time weather data, our systems forecast the best time of the day to contact customers, leading to a 21% improvement in contact rates when compared to industry standard strategies for contacting at random. 

Both our Wealth Scoring and Time-to-Call Targeting solutions can be used through our signature platform or our easy-to-use API.

Have more of a custom vision? We can help with that

Hidcot offers a best-in-class bespoke partnership that delivers everything you need to actualize on your vision. We embed ourselves into your business at a granular level, understanding your unique requirements to develop a thoughtful and customized solution that drives unmatched value across the organization.

From the mission-critical foundations to the visionary ambitions, we’re here to support you in bringing it all to life. Contact us to explore a bespoke partnership today.

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Our Promise

Technology that inspires possibility and creates new opportunity

To our core, we are builders. We help our clients bring their visions to life—evolving initial concepts into full-fledged improvements that create new opportunity.

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