The challenges around managing data, using something as simple as a rain forecasting as an example.


Hidcot abandons cheap Champagne and average chocolates in favour of funding 67 children to have a gift for Christmas.

Data Science

In the world of data science and statistics, results are only as good as the data you use. This becomes increasingly important in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as when using these ‘black box’ algorithms, the origins of predictions or results are both unknown and untraceable.

Data Science

As a statistician by trade, I have worked in many jobs in which I have had to advise people on what methods to use, for what data, and how.

Data Science

Data is everywhere now, with ‘big data’ methods becoming increasingly popular in business. In this article, we are going to...

Software Solutions

While there is no denying the opportunities that artificial intelligence can bring to businesses, it is important to separate the hype from the help.