IP Protection with Brand Sentry by Hidcot

Hidcot’s market intelligence solutions track competitive footprints to safeguard your single most valuable asset: your brand.

24/7 market intelligence to protect your identity IP

Brand Sentry’s wide-ranging data intelligence detects and flags unauthorized uses of your registered name across domain names, company registrations, brand applications, and more.

Our solutions help you immediately take action on infringements so that you can protect your brand equity and preserve your market stature with ease.


Eliminate risk


Execute with agility


Drive advantage


Accelerate growth

Protection is pinnacle in effective brand management

Quarterly Google searches simply don’t cut it anymore for tracking your IP integrity in today’s information-overload environment. Hidcot’s Brand Sentry solutions proactively monitor digital landscapes to surface brand threats as they emerge.

In a time where trust is king in customer mindshare, our solutions safeguard your name to secure your growth.

Brand Sentry Pricing Options

Our packages are below, alternatively you may have been offered a bespoke package via your Accountancy or Legal practitioners. Not sure what you need? Contact us


Automatic scanning

Our live scanners will keep a watch on new datasets as they form.

Once every three months

A report will be issued every three months.

Standard datasets

Our standard datasets are used.

Scanning for one name

One company name, brand or trademark is watched.


£25 per annum
Everything in Scout plus:
Advanced datasets

Proprietary datasets that cannot be found anywhere else are used.

Daily scanning

A scan is performed each day.

Scanning for two names

Two company names, brands or trademarks can be monitored.

Add additional names for £5 per annum

Simply add as many names as require.


£150 per annum
Everything in Guardian plus:
All registered trademarks adding to scanning

All of your registered company's trademarks are scanned automatically.

15 names (not trademarked scanned)

Up to 15 names (not trademarked).

Quarterly image theft scanning

A 3-monthly human-attended image scan to detect copyright breaches.

Note: Brand Sentry is available to UK customers, with plans to expand into the US and broader Europe region within the fiscal year.

Our Promise

Establishing Advantage & Safeguarding Integrity

With improved insight and anticipation comes more confidence in decision-making, transparency around risk, and protection of your path forward. We help our clients establish competitive advantage and propel them toward a promise of growth.

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