Bespoke Software

Powering innovation by partnering directly with your operation

Connecting the idea-makers to the solution-builders

We believe the key to your future innovation already exists in the minds of your employees today. There has been a blistering evolution of technology, giving rise to increased system capability, AI and workflows. So why doesn't every company have the systems their employees know they need? Ideas come from deep functional expertise, pass through a number of human filters, into procurement processes and collide with budgets & lead times to ultimately remain misunderstood or unfulfilled. We provide the 'yes' to the following question asked of your team, 'If you raise a problem or an opportunity that can be met by data or software, would you expect to see it done?'

YOUR platform for continued innovation...

Our blank canvas rapid-build software platform will see an instance named by you and created ahead of your first meeting with us. This system can be for anything, shared by one team or a whole company. We will agree to industry sector exclusivity and you will retain the Intellectual Property created by your designs. You will set a global development budget that we will manage and make visible. You will work with a dedicated Partner who will learn your business and help you shape new innovations.

Delegated Budgeting

You may give multiple teams their own budget to drive their own innovation. We work to keep all separate streams visible in one place and facilitate finding synergy across teams. Each team enjoys its own agile work queue.

Agile Work Queues

Today's priority may not always be tomorrow's - things change. Teams can see, at all times, the cost and benefit of all items in their queue and change the order when it suits. We manage delivery in accordance with budgets set.

Delegated authority is at the core of this service type, connecting ideas directly to solutions.

Let the value speak for itself...

Cost and benefits are assessed ahead of development and work itself follows an iterative path, meaning you can see the innovation take shape - refining requirements as you go. This supports the agile approach by reducing the opportunity cost of changing your work queue to meet a business need. However, software is all about the detail. What makes your platform great is the fast pace and low-cost of system tweaks and changes. It is these tweaks that will make your platform optimized for real-world use powering time-saving and efficiency gains.

Backed by flexible, advanced technology

We hold a diverse supply-chain with all partners being IS27001 certified. The method of data hosting is agreed with you at onboarding, however we have a number of configurations. We are able to leverage the leading cloud platforms and / or hardware that is customised for us and you. Whatever the option your platform is protected by advanced fire suppression, redundant hardware, redundant network feeds and redundant power supplies.

Our Promise

Technology that inspires possibility and creates new opportunity

To our core, we are builders. We help our clients bring their visions to life—evolving initial concepts into full-fledged improvements that create new opportunity.

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