Inspiring possibility and building tomorrow

We help clients bring their visions to life—evolving initial concepts into full-fledged process improvements that create new opportunity.

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Establishing your advantage and safeguarding your integrity

With improved technological agility comes more confidence in decision-making, clarity around risk, and protection of your path forward. We’ll help you establish competitive advantage and propel you toward a promise of growth.

Helping you overcome ambiguity to drive agility

Whether it’s in meeting regulatory requirements, automating processes that transform service caliber, or harnessing data to strengthen vital business decisions, we’ll help you easily and efficiently navigate the complex--freeing you to focus on what’s most important: driving growth.

A trusted partnership for longevity

We’re consultants with proven experience in delivering technology vision and solutions for U.K. government agencies, financial services institutions, and all other kinds of clients in-between.

Serving the public and private sectors

Hidcot is a trusted government-approved supplier.

Case Study

Explore how our technology protects financial institutions from phishing fraud.

In safe hands
In safe hands
ISO 9001
Cyber Essentials
LEI Certified
Take Five to Stop Fraud

What we do

We deliver off-the-shelf solutions that automate mission-critical processes, expedite service delivery, and elevate capacity for excellence.

Brand Protection
Brand Protection

Intelligence solutions to track competitors’ footprints and safeguard IP.

Ongoing Due Diligence
Ongoing Due Diligence

Solutions to ensure streamlined, compliant processes and purchasing.

Behavioural Analytics
Behavioural Analytics

Socio-demographic scoring systems to improve engagement and drive growth.

Custom Dashboard
Carbon Dashboard

Analytics & reporting to track emissions targets and ensure compliance.

Credit Management
Credit Management

Solutions to extend credit and recover debt with agility and ease.

Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke Solutions

Customized software deployments to bring your unique vision to life.


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