Ongoing Due Diligence

Solutions for streamlined, compliant procurement

Automated anti-fraud solutions that simplify your compliance management

Hidcot’s due diligence solutions offer customized scanning capabilities that align to your unique purchasing needs. Our services eliminate knowledge gaps in navigating your mission-critical regulatory requirements for procurement–providing the clarity you need to execute with confidence and ease.


Comprehensive tracking


Automated processes


Efficient purchasing


Agile procurement

Unmatched compliance value

We’ve developed a simple, cost-efficient solutions to automate the work that used to mandate large teams of compliance professionals.

Never drop the ball again, our systems do the heavy lifting to alert you of new requirements and potential challenges in real time as they emerge.

Our systems are constantly scanning and will alert you to changes that matter to you within your supply-chain and client-base.

Ongoing Due Diligence Product Options

Our platform allows you to configure notification options for each dataset ensuring you only follow what matters. If anything changes within the selected datasets you will be notified immediately. A monthly summary and alerts history allow you to add outcomes following investigations. This comes together to form a power audit history to demonstrate compliance.

Our Promise

Helping you overcome ambiguity to drive agility

Whether it’s in seamlessly meeting regulatory requirements, automating processes that transform service caliber, or harnessing data to reinforce vital business decisions, we’ll help you easily and efficiently navigate the complex--freeing you and your team to focus on what’s most important: driving growth.

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